About Kathy

I’m a 20-something graduate student in English literature. I have absolutely no qualifications in medicine, nutrition, fitness, or anything else health related. I don’t read and analyze studies in medical journals, and I can’t speak with authority on the science behind anything I recommend.

BUT, what I can offer you is my 20-something years of experience trying (not always successfully) to be healthy. I may not know the science really well, but I do know how it feels to try (and try and try) to lose weight and never seem to succeed. I know how it feels to finally succeed…and then watch that success slip away as the number on the scale creeps back up. I know the challenges of focusing on health in a community of students that doesn’t seem to care (and in fact seems to want to sabotage your every effort). I know about struggles with body image and eating disorders. I know the difficulties of focusing on your own health while dating or starting a new relationship. I know how people treat you differently depending on the way you look.

I know all these things, but I also know that at this moment in time I feel the healthiest I ever have, and I know that I’m on track to keep feeling better. I want to share this with anyone who wants to hear. I’ll write about the food I’m cooking, the activities I’m doing, the supplements I’m taking, the books I’m reading, and (most importantly) the reasoning behind all those choices. I don’t expect you to agree with me right away (or ever) and I’m not promising anything. I do hope, however, that by putting this information out there I can help someone find better health, and maybe even skip a couple of the (mis)steps I had to take along the way.


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